Topics for Writers Conferences

In addition to directing the Quad-Cities Christian Writers' Conference for eight years and another conference for two years, I've taught at the following writers' conferences and keynoted at several of them. 

  • Quad-Cities Christian Writers' Conference
  • Presbyterian Writers' Conference
  • Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers' Conference
  • Colorado Christian Writers' Conference
  • Florida Christian Writers' Conference
  • CLASS Christian Writers' Conference
  • Kentucky Christian Writers' Conference
  • David Collins Writers' Conference
  • Midwest Writing Center
  • Speak Up Conference 
  • East Metro Atlanta Christian Writers' Conference 
  • Breathe Christian Writers' Conference
  • Write-to-Publish 
  • Cedar Falls Christian Writers' Workshop 
  • East Texas Christian Writers' Conference 
  • Writer to Writer Conference 
  • Called to Write Conference
  • Wordsowers Christian Writers' Conference

Good words:
"Walking into a room where Twila Belk is speaking is like walking into a room where creative energy and fresh ideas are flowing. As a presenter, she is dynamic, energetic, and enthusiastic. Her presentations and her books are filled with excellent content and her goal is to equip listeners and readers to follow biblical truth that transforms lives. Twila speaks at women's retreats and conferences, but she is also an outstanding choice for writers' workshops. She has the heart of a mentor and loves to interact with participants on and off the platform. Twila has my highest recommendation." Carol Kent: Speaker and Author of Unquenchable: Grow a Wildfire Faith that Will Endure Anything (Zondervan); Founder and Director of Speak Up Conferences 
"Twila Belk is a fine speaker who blends her expansive knowledge of writing and publishing with her unique brand of humor to create workshops and keynotes that are fun and informative. She's a definite asset to any conference." Ann Byle, Co-founder of Breathe Christian Writers' Conference
"The 2012 KCWC Christian Writers' Conference took place June 22-23 in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Chonda Pierce, author and comedian, was scheduled to do the keynote addresses and had to cancel due to an emergency family medical crisis. Twila Belk, already scheduled as a faculty workshop presenter, was asked the night before the conference began to fill in for Chonda as our keynote speaker. Twila's three keynote addresses were very timely and on target! The consensus of the conference was that 'she was awesome.'"  Barbara Wells, KCWC Coordinator

"Hi Twila, I thoroughly enjoyed your workshops and speaking presentation this weekend at the Called to Write Writer's Conference in Pittsburg, KS. You are insightful, well-connected, and hilarious! I also love the fact that you can connect to lots of different kinds of people, even factory workers. I have also worked at various jobs and am learning to connect to those people. God doesn't waste anything, even though it feels like it sometimes. Thank you so much for what you taught me about just going for what God wants us to do, getting connected to others, and getting His message out there . . . You are a shining jewel to writers like me everywhere! Keep up the encouraging work!" S. H., Conferee

"Thanks again for sharing your knowledge, experience, and heart with us. I came away with a brain full of tips and book ideas. My confidence that God is going to use my writing and speaking skyrocketed." S. S., Conferee


I can teach/speak on the following topics (and more). I'm happy to develop other topics to fit your needs.
Plenary Topics
Get It Out!
A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to Becoming a Writer
What's God Got to Do with It?
Lessons from the Giraffe
What's Holding You Back?

Workshop Topics 
(Many of these topics can be expanded to use as a continuing class or pre-conference session.)

What's Holding You Back?
What's holding you back from entering your writing "Promised Land"? Fear? Unbelief? Giants? The comparison game? Bad reports? Big buts? If only's? Don't get stuck wandering aimlessly in the wilderness. Learn how to take possession of the land.

Get It Out!
We have a message burning inside us--something we need to tell the world--and if we don't get it out it'll hurt us! In this class, we'll discuss obstacles that interfere with getting it out and how to keep from dying with the story still in us.  

Lessons from the Giraffe
A giraffe may not be able to teach us how to write, but we can gain inspiration and learn important lessons from observing the animal. We'll discuss how to survive, stand tall, stretch our limits, and stick out as a writer.

A Writer's Checklist
Why settle for so-so writing when you can make it shine? Learn about common writing problems and get suggestions for how to be your own best editor. With the help of the checklist, you can take your work to a new level.

Ten Things that Separate the Pros from the Amateurs
Learn steps to take and habits you can develop that will make you stand out like a pro.

Writing Beyond the Book
Writing opportunities come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some can reach more readers than the average best-selling book. We'll discuss opportunities, give tips, brainstorm ideas, and get you thinking beyond the book.

Say It with Humor
A touch of humor can help get your message across in a fun and memorable way. Learn about the benefits of using humor, where to find it, and how to incorporate it in your writing and speaking.

Getting Started as a Speaker
Writing and speaking are a natural fit. Learn what it takes to get started and grow as a speaker.

Book Proposals That Get You Noticed (This class can include creating one-sheets, if needed.)
Do you want to grab the attention of acquisitions editors? Give them a proposal that stands out among the rest! In this class you'll learn the key components and how-to's of crafting a winning proposal. 

What's a One-sheet and Do I Really Need One?
A one-sheet summarizes the important details of a book proposal and serves as a concise marketing tool. It gives agents and publishers a snapshot of a proposed project. We'll discuss what to do with it and how to make it work for you.

Newsletters, Newsletters: Learn All About Them!
Connect with your audience and grow your platform with newsletters! Learn the benefits of using newsletters, how to get subscribers, what to include, and how to have the best results.

Myth Busters
Common myths abound in the writing and publishing world. Don't let those myths keep you from doing what you were called to do or reaching your full potential as a writer. Let's bust those myths together and get you on the road to significance and success.  

Expand the Reach of Your Message
God has given you an important message to share. We'll discuss a variety of ways to get that message into the world.

Make the Most of Your Conference Experience
Learn things you can do before, during, and after the conference to make it an experience that benefits you now and in the years to come.

The Basics and Beyond (or How to Get Published)
In this workshop, we'll discuss terminology, resources, industry relationships, opportunities, where to start, and how to keep it going.

Creating Buzz for You and Your Book
You might have the most powerful or entertaining or life-changing message in the world, but few will read it unless they've heard about you or the book beforehand. Learn ways to create buzz for you and for your book.

Supplement Your Writing Income
Learn how to make money as a writer and a variety of ways to supplement your writing income.

Compiling an Anthology
Get tips and advice on how to create a book using other people's stories.


Read my Write-to-Publish faculty interview.

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