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Prepositional God

God is a prepositional God.

Do you remember learning a long list of prepositions in grade school? I can't recite them all, but I recognize them when I see them. As I read the Bible, I see a lot of prepositions that are related to God and us. I've determined that He's a prepositional God. 

He is above and beyond, below and beneath, behind and before, around and beside. When we're down, He picks us up. God is for us, so who can be against us? God is in all. He is through all. He is by our side. 
When I read these things and more in God's Word, I receive great comfort. Are you with me in this?
* * * * *

Can you see the prepositions in this verse?

"You hem me in--behind and before; you have laid your hand upon me." (Psalm 139:5)

What are your favorite "prepositional God" verses?

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