Braggin' on God

Are you aware that there are benefits to braggin' on God? Let me tell you about them -
1. Braggin' on God helps us remember. And we need lots of help remembering, because we can tend to be forgetful--especially when facing unpleasant circumstances. The more we talk about God and brag on God, the more we remember who He is and how big He is. If we can remember what God has done for us in the past, we can trust Him for today and tomorrow. We need to revisit His goodness often.
2. Braggin' on God encourages others and gives them hope. If others hear us talk about God's faithfulness and goodness and provision and care and healing and love and all the wonderful things He does, they should be encouraged. They should be filled with hope by realizing that God is a big God and that He is fully able to do the same thing in their lives.
3. The best benefit of braggin' on God is that it glorifies Him. And that's why we were created in the first place! When we brag on God, we shine the light on Him. When we brag on God, He smiles. Big time.
I personally believe we should have braggin' on God parties instead of Tupperware parties. What do you think? It's a great thing to do. That's why I've included this page.
Would you like to join the braggin' on God party? Let's hear your story.
Melanie S. Post
October 12, 2010
When it comes to braggin' on God, I tend to be the first in line...because I truly know that God saved and transformed my life. I grew up in a household where one parent was ill and the other an abuser. Needless to say, as a young adult, I resembled a pretzel more than a young woman. It took a few years - due to lack of trust more than anything - before I "decided" to give God a try, but not the aggrandized version of my cruel father that I carried with me at first. I chased the real God down and found He was waiting with open arms. I had plenty of help along the way as He supplied me with mentors and teachers. Even so, we tend to grieve or live in self-pity about what we don't get in life that others do...and I was no different, saying, "God, if You love me so much, then why did I get the parents I got?" His answer came crystal clear to me when I first read Psalm 27:10 which says, "When my father and mother forsake me, then the Lord will take care of me." At that point, I knew I had to leave the past behind me and true to His Word, He has moved on my behalf. I've since become a seasoned freelance writer, an AACC Master Life Coach and am now studying to be a lay Biblical Counselor. I am intent on ministering to others who see God as something less than He is due to abuse. I know He is the reason my life went from ragged to redeemed and want to help others step into the plan He has for their individual lives. So, you see, Twila, I have been wonderfully fulfilled by a God who truly is worth braggin' about. Thank you for letting me share.
Melanie Stiles
Deb K. Post
May 27, 2010
The most important revelation of our Father's Love is that He chose to make His Home in the heart of fallen man.He sent the best part of Himself to redeem us from eternal hell, yet still wants to be our Friend. How many times have we had to talk ourselves into believing He loves us? For me, more than I want to count. But He is faithful in His love even when we aren't. There's a healing anointing taking place in my house of worship. We're seeing more than 1,000 baptized and at least that many healed in the past six months. Thank You, God that You are real and relevant and that You love us. Give us grace from the Throne Room to love you as well!
Gail S. Post
February 25, 2010
Praising God today for a cancer survior whose latest tumor was benign!
And another friend who's in ICU due to complications from a shunt in her brain that was infected. But praise the Lord, the shunt was removed and she is doing better than she has for years!
The shunt had been there for 24 years and it was a miracle to get it out with so little problems. God is GOOD!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
February 12, 2010
I was born in a Christian home. When I was nine i accepted Christ into my heart. I have went to church and been involved in helping teach first - second grade sunday school
Now i am taking distance learning classes from moody bible institute and this is helping me get out of my comfort zone.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
November 20, 2009
I felt I was a strong Christian until I became a Parish Nurse and then I realized - with God's help, of course - that I was far from it until then. He has put me in so many places and situations and showed me his guidance and love so that I could be a conduit of that love to others. He's truly amazing! He works through me daily and every time he does he brings me closer to him via the experience!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
May 21, 2009
The one thing I can say is; it's
"Not About Me". Truely I can tell people, the Lord has held me close by for many many years. But sometimes in the growing up years of our lives. We tend not to acknowledge that. I am a bit older now and praise 'Our Almighty', he still does a work in me. Now (and from past times)I am trying to share more with people. Twice as much as before. Though.. it is not always that easy. I do appecitate that I found Twila's website. For many years--I have liked writing, from way back. Now here is just 1 link to share with others as well as do some writing. I hope to journey through new things and writings along with you all. To God be the Glory, and Let us Praise Him Always. Let us remember this:
"Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits. Psalm 68:19
Ashley B. Post
February 3, 2009
One way to praise God is to remember where you were and how far he has brought you. Sometimes when we endure troubles, it's easy to forget God's goodness, however, its important that we remember to praise him through the good and bad because that is true love and in God's timing, God will make things right.Keep your faith and love in GOd. Be blessed Everybody!
Marie C. S. Post
October 10, 2008
"Our Father who art in heaven--" was superfluous because my father who was in my face dominated my existence. It was Jan 20, 1990 in a sure-nuff cabin on a Texas hill side that the God of Love--Jesus came over my right shoulder and turned on the Light! I had sought Him, read about Him, asked Real Christian friend to give me a recipe--HOW to "let go and let God". Since that Jan evening, I have never been alone. It is such a joy to meet people with that Light and / or help someone accept the Light that is there--they just need help recognizing the Light in me is the same Light in them. Prayers and a hug y'all!
denise b. Post
January 24, 2008
Dearest Twila,
I'm ,"PTL", too for the sweet fellowship we can have w/sisters-in-Christ through the internet!
It's a chilly -18* this a.m. in IA. ; but the Lord led me to your site for some much needed encouragement!!
I'll be in touch/ looking forward to your store! ;)
LuAnn B. Post
January 13, 2008
I grew up with an alcoholic father with a lot of abuse to my mother. They divorced when I was 13
He ran all over the country, beer,women and taverns. One day after years he came back to the area. I took him to ER knowing they would keep him. They did.I brought him to our house, took care of him in a hospital bed, worked 40plus hours in a nursing home to.
My husband and I read him the Bible, Prayed with him and Praise God! A couple weeks before he died, he got saved and what a conversion that was. Tubs of tears. The whole family came and we sang old songs and hymns. A couple years later God told me to talk to a man in the nursing home whose life was so parallel to my dad's.
He was in a coma, I took his hand. "Mr.____God wants me to tell you the story of my daddy." I told him How Much God Loved him.
I told him "I know you cannot speak, God knows that. We all know you will die soon and I know you want to go to Heaven so I asked him if he understood what I was saying. He opened his eyes for second and squeezed my hand. I prayed the sinners prayer and gave him time to pray (in his mind of course)
Tears began to run down both cheeks and I asked him if he felt like God had forgiven him and come into his heart. He sqeezed my hand and opened his eyes for a split second.
(My eyes were filled with tears as well) (even now)
He went Home sometime after midnight that night.
Praise God!! I am bragging on what an Awesome and Loving God we Serve. Praise Him Always!
P.S. My daddy's life (dying) was not in vain, but God used that story to reach a dying man.
Pslam 46:10
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