Fun Facts

If you're ever on a game show and quizzed about Twila Belk, you might want to be aware of these fun and little known facts. 
There's just something about that name.
1. In my tweens and teens, my nickname was Twittle X. My full nickname was Twittle X Doc Seawaddle. (Yes, it's strange.) Sometimes it was shortened to Twittle. A few people called me Twit. And my high school Spanish teacher called me Twid. My precious oldest brother, however, called me Zone.
2. When I got married, I was excited to take on the Belk family name and pass it on to my children. Belk is a good, strong name—seen all over the South in department stores. While my husband was doing genealogy research on the computer one day, he discovered an interesting tidbit about the family name. Can you imagine how excited I was to learn that my last name in English means "to vomit?" 
3. Believe it or not, I am a certified, bona fide journeyman machinist. I even have a card and pin from the Rock Island Arsenal somewhere to prove it. When I went through the apprenticeship program, I experienced an occasional mishap with the machine I was running and became known by some not so very nice people as "Boom Boom Belk."
4. My husband and I owned and operated a Christian bookstore called StraightWay for nine years. Twila Paris (the wonderful singer and songwriter) was in town for a concert, and we arranged to have her come to the store for an autograph party. At the time, we had an employee by the name of Twyla. (She couldn't get the spelling right.) We were the Trilas. During the party, a customer with our name joined us as well, and we all wore nametags that were meant for children. (They were round and had a silly cartoonish rabbit on them.) I wish I had thought to put up a banner that said "You are now entering the Twila zone." Twila Paris kept her nametag on through the concert and told the multiple-Twila story to her audience. It was a memorable experience.
5. These days, I'll answer to Twila, Mom, Hey You, or almost anything, but my favorite name is Child of God. I also love being called Grandma.
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