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If you don't find anything on the list that works for your group, I'm happy to develop a talk for you. I can combine or expand many of my topics for retreats and conferences.
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Laughing at the Days to Come
It's fun to laugh, but life isn't always funny. How is it possible to laugh when our days are filled with trouble? With this talk you'll enjoy lots of laughter and T-E-A-R-S, Twila's formula for laughing at the days to come (Trust, Eternal-mindedness, Abide, Remember, Set).
The Power to BE
Be Still. Be Grateful. Be Strong. Be Courageous. (The topic of Twila's 40-day devotional.)
From Battle to Blessing
What do you do when faced with situations that are beyond your control? What do you do when you don't know what to do? Learn to face your circumstances with God-confidence and go home equipped with hope and truth. (Based off of 2 Chronicles 20)
What's Holding You Back?
What's holding you back from entering your "Promised Land?" Fear? Unbelief? Giants? The comparison game? Bad reports? Big buts? If only's? Don't get stuck wandering aimlessly in the wilderness. Learn how to take possession of the land. (Based off of Numbers 13-14)
It's Time to Get Our Eyes Fixed
Many things in life muddle up our spiritual vision--circumstances, the comparison game, our inadequacies, our past, and a whole lot more. We find ourselves looking everywhere but to God and what He can do. Learn, as Twila has, that when our eyes are "fixed" on God, everything looks a whole lot better.

Raindrops from Heaven
Revel in the rain! Splash in the puddles! Delight in the deluge! And be reminded of God's power, presence, and purpose in your life. 

A Funny Thing Happened . . .
. . . on My Walk with the Lord. Through nose hairs and airheadedness and encounters with Penelope Perfect to the tough stuff of life, God has shown Twila the truth of who He is and the truth of who she is. Laugh with Twila and learn some important truths.

Braggin' on God
It's our job to make God famous, and braggin' on Him is a great way to do that. Other than shining the light on Him, it has many benefits, including these: 1) We gain a new outlook; 2) others are encouraged; and 3) the atmosphere around us changes. As Psalm 34:3 says, "Come, let us tell of the Lord's greatness; let us exalt His name together." In other words, let's get the Braggin'-on-God party started!

Gotta Tell Somebody!
Why does Twila just gotta tell somebody? Because she has proof that God is good, proof that God is who He says He is, proof that God will take care of us—the list goes on and on—and she can't keep her mouth shut. She's just gotta tell somebody! In this talk Twila shares stories from personal experience that will encourage, give hope, and maybe even bring a chuckle or two. You'll also learn why it's important to tell others what God is doing in your life.

Getting to Know God Through the Skunks in Our Lives
We all have "skunks" in our lives, and they can be overwhelming to us. So often we don't know what to do, where to turn, or how to get relief. Twila has learned from experience that our "skunks" don't change who God is; they show us who God is.

Beauty from the Inside Out
We're bombarded with messages telling us we have to look a certain way or be a certain size, but what is true beauty? How do we get it?

SPUR Sisters
Relationships matter. They can drag us away from God or draw us closer to God. SPUR sisters are essential to our Christian walk. Find out what a SPUR sister does and start being one today.

When God Interrupts

Finding Joy in the Journey

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Daddy's Little Girl

A New Wardrobe

Standing Strong Through the Seasons of Life

What Can I Give Him?

Matters of the Heart

An Interview with the Virtuous Woman

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